Daily Maintenance of Ink Stack and Scraper in Outdoor Inkjet Printer

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Daily Maintenance of Ink Stack and Scraper in Outdoor Inkjet Printer

inkjet printerThe high-quality use of inkjet printers is inseparable from daily good maintenance, especially the use of oil-based ink outdoor inkjet printers. That is, the maintenance of the eco solvent inkjet printer we often say. We must do a good job in daily maintenance. Compared to water-based inks for indoor inkjet printer maintenance, we need to spend more time to do it well.

Inkjet printer as an inkjet printing equipment, and the core maintenance is concentrated on the print head. In addition to the maintenance of the print head equipment itself, the maintenance of the print head protection peripheral components is also a more protective scheme for the print head. The following is a brief description of the daily maintenance and maintenance operations of the inkjet printer on the inkjet printer and the scraper, which can be used as a reference for the inkjet printer users.

inkjet printerFirst, let’s have an understanding of the role of the ink stack of an outdoor inkjet printer. The ink stack is one of the important components of an inkjet printer. Its main responsibility is to carry the print head. When the machine is not used for a long time, the inkjet printer print head will stay on the ink stack, thus effectively preventing the clogging of the ink on the surface of the print head.

1.Ink stacks should also be cleaned every day.

2. Daily cleaning and maintenance of the scraper : It can be wiped clean with a cotton swab dipped in cleaning solution, and clean the scraping slide and the ink in the flow
channel. This will reduce the resistance of the scraper before and after movement.

inkjet printer3. Before the machine is shut down every day, it is recommended to rinse the waste ink tube into the ink stack cap to prevent the waste ink tube from being clogged. (This item should be done every day to extend the life of the ink stack)

4. The accumulated sublimation ink on the protective plates on both sides of the print head should also be cleaned every day to prevent paper from being accumulated during printing after too much ink build-up.


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