How to Deal with the Poor Fluency of Sublimation Ink on Inkjet Printer

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How to Deal with the Poor Fluency of Sublimation Ink on Inkjet Printer

remove the air bubbleNowadays, many inkjet printers use the Epson fifth-generation print heads. At the same time, piezoelectric inkjet printers also have many problems. If the fluency of inkjet printers after ink refilling is poor, short-term conditions may occur after printing for tens of centimeters. Today, I would like to share with you an analysis of the reasons and solutions for the poor fluency of sublimation ink.

Now the sublimation ink used in piezoelectric inkjet printers is water-based dye ink, which generates air bubbles during the ink refill process. Because the ink pump will draw the ink together with the air bubbles during the ink pumping process. You can start to do the head detection. When you see the ink out of the whole, you begin to
the air bubble in inkprint pictures. At this time, the bubbles in the ink are not completely discharged from the ink, there will be some very small bubbles in the ink because of the pressure. Air bubbles accumulate at the nozzle as the ink is ejected during printing. A large number of small bubbles form a large bubble, blocking the nozzle to form a gas plug. This causes a situation in which the ink will break after printing for a while during printing. This situation is likely to occur when just changed the ink or when install a new machine.

The solution: Fill the ink to the ink tank. Let the ink at the nozzle print out and leave the machine for 20-30 minutes before printing. So that the smallest bubbles in the ink can be removed to minimize the possibility of gas blocking.

1. Inspection method:
remove the air bubbleAfter injecting 25ml to 30ml of ink into the nozzle, suck the air in the pipe to install the sprinkler. Then place the sprinkler higher than the trolley for three secondsand put it upside down. There will be air bubbles rising inside the sprinkler. If the air bubble rise and stops slowly, it is normal. If it rises and does not stop, it can be judged to be the leakage of the installation.

2. Leakage phenomenon:
The bubble does not go inside the nozzle when spraying the picture; the bubble flows back; the nozzle holes accumulate ink seriously; the contact belt is stained with ink; the ink is broken when the picture is sprayed.

3. The solution:
The above phenomenon is that the mounting hole leaks. It may be too much force during installation. Then the installation hole of the nozzle is broken. We can use the middle hole of the bicycle inner tube to cover the nozzle mounting holethen lighten the ink needle.

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