How to Deal with the Strike Problem of UV Flatbed Printer?

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How to Deal with the Strike Problem of UV Flatbed Printer?

As we all know, UV flatbed printers need to connect to computers and use assisted picture processing software to print out products. In this process, there are many areas that need to pay attention. Once any mistake occurs, the entire printing process will show a false stoppage. Although there was no problem with the machine, nothing could be printed and the time was delayed. We summed up some problems that may encounter and handling methods that caused the UV flatbed printer to shut down.

1.Keep printer online

If the UV printer is not online, it is naturally unable to print. The printer is not like the U disk that just plug it in to work. In the UV flatbed printer, there is a “online key”. For this online key, it is not just simply click on it to work. For the humane use of the description, the online key needs long press about 3 seconds to start work. When the UV flatbed printer is unable to print properly, please confirm that it is successfully connected.

2.Restart the printer

If the UV flatbed printer is online but still unable to print the document. At the moment, there are many kinds of processing methods. The simplest one is to restart. People who use computers often can have such habits. When the computer is very UV flatbed printerstuck and slow, and it cannot work normally and efficiently, it can be restarted. It will save time and effort. The UV flatbed printer is also the same. In a long-term high-load operation, no matter if it is a computer end or a printer memory, a lot of data is accumulated. These redundant data may cause the printing to be unsuccessful. The simplest method is to “Restart” it like using a computer so that it can work normally and efficiently.

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