What Is The Difference Between Dye Ink And Pigment Ink?

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dye sublimation inks

What Is The Difference Between Dye Ink And Pigment Ink?

What Is The Difference Between Dye Ink And Pigment Ink

dye inks

dye inks

Dye inks are the standard ink type used in inkjet printers. They consist of colorant that is fully dissolved and suspended in liquid. Pigmented ink consists of a very fine powder of solid colorant particles suspended in a liquid carrier.

1. Fade Resistance comparsion:

Pigment inks are resistant to UV light and fade much slower than dye ink (Similar to the way toner has a better colour durability than liquid ink). The little pigment particles keeps the colours clear and sharp for longer

2. Water Resistance comparsion

As the dye is completely liquid, it tends to clean off significantly faster when it will come into speak to with water. You will find nevertheless, several good inkjet coatings nowadays, like the high quality microporous image papers or vinyl stickers. These have to get the job done more challenging to help keep the dye to the paper when comes in contact with drinking water.

dye inkjet inks

dye inkjet inks

3. Print Quality comparsion

This is where dye inkjet inks turn into exceptional which explains why you can find this kind of an abundance of dye ink printers. As the dye inks are thoroughly liquid, they may have the opportunity to produce a smoother picture with considerably broader color sub tones. It’s within a way the real difference concerning inkjet and toner (laser) printing. When printing with toner, where by colors are dense, the end result can surface blotched as well as sub tones are certainly not very well described. The previous forecast that laser toner printers will overtake inkjet technological know-how, hasn’t materialised because the industry realised that to get a very good image print, toner, applying a powder simply cannot make a clean and perfectly sub toned picture.

4. Compatibility comparsion

At Photo Paper Direct, most of our media is compatible with pigment and dye based inks. The microporous coatings especially, can absorb the pigment particles in the micro pores in the paper coating.

The dye-based inks contain the less complicated occupation to uncover its very best matched inkjet paper. All inkjet-coated papers will perform effectively with all the dye centered inks.

The pigment ink may well encounter some coatings that can’t quickly take in the small pigment particles, creating them to remain about the surface area soon after drying and vulnerable to currently being conveniently rubbed off.

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