Difference Between Single and Dual Printhead Sublimation Printer

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Difference Between Single and Dual Printhead Sublimation Printer

Large format printer price is a factor that customer is concerning when have plan to purchase a printing equipment for running business. How to chose a comfortable and suitable printer? Let’s have a look what is the difference between a single head digital printing machine and a two heads inkjet printing machine.

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What advantages do single head large format dye sublimation printer and double head large format printer? They don’t know whether to buy double head or single head machine. What is the essential difference besides large format printer price?

First, printhead quantity. It is clear that the single head machine has only one print head, while the double head printer has two heads. Single head machines is widely using during paste years. Most company owners are prefer this model. For companies with double head printers, the general business is relatively busy.

Second, printing speed and printing accuracy. It is obviously different. Two head printer has faster print speed. It is generally faster at 2 times than single head machine. Therefore, companies can avoid overtime, save space, save operator costs and much more.

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