The Differences Between UV and UV LED Printer

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The Differences Between UV and UV LED Printer

UV printer also can distinguish into these 2 kinds in aspects: UV printer and UV LED printer. UV-LED is different from UV in a number of important ways. Let’s have a look.

Many UV-LED printers support a broad array of substrates, including everything from PVC, leather, paper and board stocks, to foils, BOPP, PE, and PET film.

When it comes to specialty applications, most compact UV-LED printers print directly on three-dimensional objects, such as smartphone cases, industrial and consumer products, promotional items and even iPads.

The difference between the two technologies is obvious and comes down to how the ink is cured. UV-LED uses a low-energy light source, and the lamps are expected to last the life of the press.

Another difference shows up in cost. The cost of lamps is lower in UV than in UV-LED. As that cost differential drops, UV-LED will continue to make inroads in faster presses, even in industrial applications. A final contrast between the two technologies is that UV-LED is a greener solution, due to not requiring as many bulbs to be replaced and lower energy usage.

The big difference is the curing power, as well as the light spectrum, is given off by the machine. UV machines have broader curing power.

The traditional UV bulb has a broader light spectrum, while UV-LED has a tight and more controlled spectrum. What that means is more curing power out of the traditional UV, rather than the UV-LED. The UV-LED is almost like a straight line, a more confined space, as opposed to the traditional UV lamp, which has a broader and deeper curing power.

Okay, these all above are my share about difference betweeen UV printer and UV LED printer. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Thanks for your reading.

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