4 Tips to Help you Optimize your Digital Printing Process

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4 Tips to Help you Optimize your Digital Printing Process

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In recent days, digital printing has become a top topic in the textile printing industry. As we all know that from the word ‘digital’, we can know that textile printing has become more intelligent and more efficient than ever. So now, Sublistar will show you 4 tips to help you optimize your digital printing process.

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Equip with an advanced automatic retractable material system
The retracting and unloading of the printer will also greatly affect the speed of printing heat transfer paper. Some printers have a total card or a reel that can be rolled up with too few consumables, which will greatly reduce the printing speed. Therefore, Sublistar offers sublimation printers with improved receiving and discharging system, like the 1000 air-expansion shaft infrared automatic retracting device, to automation to receive and discharge materials more effectively and intelligently.

Upgrade the pressure roller, buy a digital printer with a large rubber roller
Nowadays some of the products on the market use anti-static voltage paper wheels to feed paper. The effect is good, but it is inevitable that there will be jams and arch papers. Sublistar offers the 8-head heat transfer paper printer of upgraded model uses a large rubber roller to feed sublimation ink paper, which has better adsorption performance, it can meet the  digital printing requirements for ‘super-concentration ink + 8 nozzles + 30g thin sublimation paper.

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Regular maintenance of your print nozzle
The print nozzle is the most valuable and most delicate part of the sublimation printer. Even the smallest one will cost a lot and it only has a very limited lifespan. Therefore, in the printing process, attention should be paid to the protection of the nozzles. Some machine manufacturers have trolley anti-collision devices on the machines. Usually, the nozzles should be regularly maintained and repaired. To replace the ink, the ink should be cleaned with a cleaning solution. After printing, wipe the nozzle with a clean cloth and a cleaning solution to prevent the ink from solidifying and blocking the nozzle of the industry sublimation printer.

The sublimation ink system should be equipped with a constant temperature system to reduce the printing color difference
We all know that the digital sublimation printing machine is actually a relatively delicate machine, and the requirements for the working environment are still relatively strict. Not only does the workshop require as less dust as possible, some may even sensitive to the temperature and need air conditioning to adjust the temperature. Otherwise, there will be chromatic aberrations of different depths due to different frictional heat before, during, and after printing. Not to mention the cold winters and the hot summers. But now Subtextile offers digital printers that equipped with an automatic hot and cold thermostat system, the ink is constant at 25-28 degrees all year round, and the color reproduction degree is 98%.

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