What is a Digital Sublimation Printer?

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What is a Digital Sublimation Printer?

A digital sublimation printer refers to a special printer dedicated to printing sublimation ink onto the sublimation transfer paper for application on various substrates.

Unlike the traditional inkjet printer, a digital sublimation printer uses a special type of ink—commonly known as disperse dyes or dye-sub ink. This ink is capable of converting directly from solid to gaseous state when exposed to high temperatures.

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Once you print on your sublimation transfer paper with a sublimation printer, you place the paper on the target surface and heat press it at high temperatures. This will cause the solid ink to convert into a gas (sublimation process) and bonds with your substrate, leaving a permanent impression that doesn’t fade over time.

KEY advantages of sublimation printing include:

  • The images you transfer to your garments don’t fade over time
  • It enables you to print on a wide range of items
  • The final image feels smooth and soft to the touch
  • Full-color printing gets easier and faster with sublimation printing

sublimation printerWith the increased popularity of dye sublimation, more and more sublimation printers are entering the market. These printers are designed with varying printing capabilities and different functionalities, so getting a unit that fits your unique needs should be easy.

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