Digital Sublimation Printing: What Materials Can Be Sublimated?(2)

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Digital Sublimation Printing: What Materials Can Be Sublimated?(2)

Today, we continue to talk about what materials can be sublimated with digital sublimation printing.

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Digital Sublimation Printing on Plastic

Printing on plastic materials can require a different type of technology. While the heat press used for fabrics and other flatter surfaces is a flatbed press, if a 3D object is being sublimated printed on, an oven press would be required instead.

Another change is that the image will be printed on film rather than paper, which ismore formable to the object being printed on.

A final thing to consider is that the item must be able to withstand around 400⁰F of heat without being ruined. This can be rarer in plastic products than in fabrics and glass.

Sublimation Printing on Aluminum & Metal

dye sublimation printing Using aluminum or metal items can create a very dynamically printed image. Choosing high-quality materials to be printed on offers the best results.

For the most beautiful effect, an efficient sublimation printer should be purchased. One with an 8-color setting is recommended.

Something that should be kept in mind is that metals are usually placed on top of the sublimation transfer paper instead of underneath when printing. Make sure the image remains properly placed on the material without using heat tape.

Overall, one has to be sure that the heat is directly touching the metal and the paper.

Sublimation Printing on Canvas

The main difference when using digital sublimation printing on canvases is that canvases can be designed to be stretched. This process is called a “Gallery Wrap”, which is when the canvas print is rolled around the sides to the back of the frame so that the tools used in securing the canvas can’t be seen by viewers.

One must keep in mind that the sides will be visible and also need to be printed on with either a continuation of the front image or a repeat of the same image. If using this gallery wrap style, then the canvas material should be larger than its frame so that it can stretch easily.

When preparing to use the heat press, it is very important to make sure the material is clean. This can be done by using a lint roller.

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