Do You Know the Advantages of Large Format Inkjet Printer?

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Do You Know the Advantages of Large Format Inkjet Printer?

With the maturation of inkjet technology and the decline of the cost, the advantages of large format printers are becoming more and more obvious. Let’s talk about it now.

  1. Large scale

General prints will be limited by the maximum size of presses and papers. Therefore, it is difficult to produce huge advertisements, commercial POPs, and celebrity large-format photos. In the past, some artists or artisans need to use hands to finish it. With the advent of large-format inkjet technology, this situation has been fundamentally changed. And not only this type of special print, but even large-format prints can be successfully completed by sub-regional inkjet printing.

Epson printer

  1. Product individuation

It can produce colorful advertising posters such as highway billboards with large area, high position and long distance viewing, product publicity pictures in the commercial area, etc. It can also produce indoor high-definition and high-value appreciation. Or outdoor personal photos, product advertisements, etc. Large-format inkjet printing is mostly promotional materials. The high strength of the substrate, the longer use period, the smaller number of copies, the water resistance and light fastness of substrates and inks, and the longer shelf life.

  1. Material diversification

It mainly includes advertising cloth, glossy photo paper, PP adhesive, synthetic fabrics and high fineness silk. These substrates have the performance advantages of good surface quality, high strength, durability, durability. And are suitable for outdoor use or long-term indoor storage. Such as the production of light boxes can choose general advertising cloth. General photos or light film can use high-gloss photo paper, PP adhesive and synthetic cloth. Calendars, high-end albums or personalized photo, interior decorations can use high-fine silk cloth and so on.

Oric printer


The environmentally-friendly and friendly inkjet technology has increasingly won the favor of consumers and customers. At the same time, along with the maturity of inkjet technology and continuous innovation of technology, continuous development of new consumables has enabled inkjet printers to meet the practical needs of printing companies in terms of speed, black and white color and other functional aspects. While also enabling consumers to enjoy the real benefits of cartridges that are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than inkjet cartridges, better suitability of paper for inkjet printers, low energy consumption, and no hazardous dust emissions.

sublimation printing

With the advancements in printing technology, large format printers have become more reliable, higher quality, and more accessible than ever. Our company offer large format printers of many brands in a affordable price. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact us.

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