How To Remove The Dye Sublimation Ink?

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How To Remove The Dye Sublimation Ink?

As we all know, one of the biggest advantages of dye sublimation ink is the durability of the print. It will resist scratching, and the image will be of photographic quality. So figuring out how to remove sublimation ink will be a difficult thing to do. Today’s article will introduce some tips.

dye sublimation ink Skin

If the digital sublimation ink is stained on the skin, you can repeatedly scrub the water, you can also use the essential oil or cleansing oil rub in the Department, so that the ink stains on the skin can become lighter, as long as the repeated rubbing a few All over the skin, and then use the wet paper towel to wipe, you can put the picture machine stained with ink stains removed.

digital sublimation inkMug

(1. The first is to put the coffee mug in the dishwasher at the high-temperature setting on the lower rack. This process is likely to take quite a few cycles, but eventually, it will fade and disappear. It won’t be perfect, but if the logo or picture on the mug needs removal, it will be unrecognizable after a few cycles.

Although this process works, it will take time to make it happen. You may have noticed fading, and something almost like the design was running down the mug from normal day to day washing of dishes (see the image for this post). If the removal of the logo is not time critical, place the mug on the lower rack everytime you wash it, and eventually the logo will be gone.

sublimation ink(2. Using your oven to remove sublimation inks will be much faster and easier. All you have to do is place your mug in a toaster oven or your regular oven. Set the temperature to something above 400F and let it bake until you have the results you want. One thing though, do not have food in the oven at the same time. It may alter the taste of the food due to the smell of the fumes that are coming off of the coffee mug. I do recommend that you purchase a toaster oven that is only used for sublimation, that way there are no issues with food and fumes.

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