Some Common Problems of Dye Sublimation Paper

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Some Common Problems of Dye Sublimation Paper

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Dye sublimation paper plays an important role in the process of sublimation printing. Even if you have the most expensive printer and press on the market, your output can be compromised with poor quality or incorrect sublimation paper. Below are some of the common problems that arise with dye sublimation paper:

dye sublimation paper Head Strike/Crash:
This is when the print head makes direct contact with or causes a tear in the dye sublimation paper. This can be a very expensive problem, especially if damage to the print head occurs and a replacement is required.

This is a common occurrence with sublimation printing and involves ink blowout around the edge of the graphics or where contact with the heat press is void, causing smudging or blurring of the image.

digital sublimation paper Ghosting:
No, we’re not talking about leaving a party without saying goodbye. Ghosting (also known as shadowing or shading) with sublimation printers occurs when there is a shift with the digital sublimation paper and causes the appearance of a double or faded image on the substrate after a transfer.

sublimation printing Graininess:
This is where there is a noticeable loss of smooth color gradient within a transferred image; usually more apparent on hard substrates.

Boat wake:
This very common issue occurs while transferring textiles through a rotary press. The problem mimics a ripple effect similar to that which takes place in water, with repeating lines that are slightly curved and void of any transferred ink on the fabrics.

This is where you have a repeating pattern of lines either overlapping or gaping. Normally due to issues with media comp settings or differential slipping of cores within the rolls due to poorly converted materials.

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