How to Protect The Print Head of Dye Sublimation Printer When Installation

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How to Protect The Print Head of Dye Sublimation Printer When Installation

As we know, the print head corresponds to a dye sublimation printer is the most important part. And normally a print head also cost much if damaged accidentally. So we need to be cautious when installing a new sublimation printer. Today I will give you guys some tips about how to protect the print head when the installation.

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1. When replacing the installation nozzle, the digital sublimation printer should be shut down in a power-off state, and the static electricity on the hand should be eliminated in advance.
2. The nozzle is the core component of the dye sublimation printer. Handle it gently to avoid bumping. Do not touch the surface and circuit of the nozzle during installation.
digital inkjet printer3. When installing and connecting the nozzle to the data cable, please pay attention to the front and back. Make sure that the metal part of the data line is exactly connected with the metal point at the nozzle slot. Make sure that it is not tilted or loose after insertion.
4. If the data cable is not inserted correctly, check the metal part of the data cable after pulling out. If there is any lifting or damage, you must replace the new data cable.
5. After the nozzle is installed, do not run the power. First, gently move the car to the left and right to confirm that the position of the nozzle is correctly installed. No card is touched. After confirming, push the car back to the ink pad and turn it on again.

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