Why Dye Sublimation Printing is Your Best Choice?

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Why Dye Sublimation Printing is Your Best Choice?

Dye sublimation printing is versatile, easy, and profitable. This quick tutorial will help you quickly offer new products and services to your existing customer base and attract new customers.

Digital sublimation printing is a generally basic procedure that works this way: make – print – press.

dye sublimation printing You start by setting up a plan (make) utilizing a standard designs program, for example, Photoshop, Illustrator, or CorelDraw. You at that point print it out onto sublimation move paper utilizing sublimation color and a standard work area printer that supports sublimation. At last, you apply the Transfer paper to the thing being designed and place both together under a warmth press.

Just as being a simple procedure, sublimation printing is additionally very low in cost, both for startup and creation. Contingent upon your ideal greatest picture size, a good work area inkjet printer, and sublimation inks run from about $600 for 8.5×14-inch to about $1,600 For 13×19-inch. Top-notch warmth presses normally run from $1,000 to $1,500.

digital sublimation printing Imaging expenses are very low at well under $0.01 per square inch of inclusion. For instance, an 8×10-inch full-shading picture would be about $0.56. Printing time for such a reality would run around 40 seconds, and squeezing 60 seconds, for a terrific all out generation time of around two minutes. Dye sublimation printing is snappy and moderate, yet not modest using any and all means, as edges will, in general, run high for sublimated items.

For instance, an iPhone spreads redid with a realistic or logo (even a photograph and message) or would cost $3.25 for the clear and $0.08 for the picture. Include about $2.00 for work and overhead, and your complete expense to make is $5.33 With retail costs averaging $30.00 for the completed item, that implies a gross benefit of $24.67 for you. Not awful for two minutes of generation time!

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