What do you Know about Eco-solvent Ink?

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What do you Know about Eco-solvent Ink?

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As the name suggests, Eco-solvent ink is environmentally safe. It comes from ether extracts taken from refined mineral oil, by contrast, have relatively low VOC content and are even usable in the studio and office environments as long as there is adequate ventilation. They have a little odor so they can normally be used with indoor graphics and signage.

Solvent ink is not eco-friendly because it has a high content of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which require ventilation and extraction to protect the printer operators, and many of them retain a distinctive lingering smell on the PVC or other substrates, which makes the images unsuited to indoor use where people will be near enough the signs to notice the smell.

eco-solvent inkEco-solvent Inks: They chemicals don’t attack the inkjet nozzles and components as aggressively as strong solvents, so they don’t need such constant cleaning (though some printhead brands have issues with almost any and all ink).

Solvent ink: Regular cleanings are mandatory to keep this printer running well. Letting a solvent printer sit around for a few days without maintenance will most likely result in the printer needing a new print head.

Here are a few pointers to help you understand the difference between solvent and eco-solvent prints.

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