Eco-solvent Ink and UV Ink, How Many You Know?

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Eco-solvent Ink and UV Ink, How Many You Know?

   Eco-solvent ink has been widely used in advertisement printing, and it take up a large market share. UV ink just be known in recently years, and becomes more and more popular because of it’s wide applications.

eco-solvent  printing

   Eco-solvent ink has s a strong ability to adapt to the outdoor environment, waterproof, UV protection, good color reproduction, good image quality, and more in line with the theme of environment ink

   UV ink can be used to print on many materials directly without any coating treatment, simple, convenient and practical. In addition, the eco-solvent ink cannot be mixed with the white ink, so there is no way to print the products with embossed feel.UV ink

   It is also because of the different nature of UV ink and eco-solvent ink, they have different using methods and can be used in different files .When you need to buy ink, whether it is eco-solvent ink or UV ink, you must choose the original ink or recommended ink of the manufacturer, so that since there is quality assurance, it also provides convenience for after-sales service.

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