Why Epson 5113 Print Head Sells So Well in the Market?

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Why Epson 5113 Print Head Sells So Well in the Market?

Do you know why Epson 5113 print head are so popular? Today, I will tell you the answer.

Epson 5113 print headEpson 5113 print head are popular nowadays because of it’s high speed and high resolution. Compared with DX5 and DX7 print head, we will find there are many advantages of 5113 print head.

1. The number of nozzles

DX5 and DX7 print heads: 8 lines*180 nozzles=1440

nozzles,the smallest nozzle is 3.5PL/5PL.

5113 print heads: 4 lines*800 nozzles=32 00 nozzles, the smallest nozzles is 1.5PL.

2. The size of the print head

The size of 5113 print head is 1.3 inch, 30% width than the DX5 and DX7 print heads.

3. High speed

Because the amount of nozzles are much more than the DX5 and DX7 print head, so the 5113 print head can print with 3 pass and the speed can up to 30 m2/h.

sublimation printing

4. The price

The price of 5113 printhead is much cheaper than DX5 and DX7 print heads.

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