Why the Epson DX5 Print Head Get Blocked?

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Why the Epson DX5 Print Head Get Blocked?

   Epson DX5 print head is widely used in different inkjet printers, and it has a high quality. But no matter what kind of print head you use, blocking is the forever problem. Then, what will lead to the block of Epson DX5 print head?

DX5 print head

   The soft block are generally caused by the quality of the ink or the print head is too dry. For this kind of block, just washing the print head automatically or with hand, then the print head will work again.

   Compared with soft block, the hard block is more complicated. If the ink is too acidic, it will reacts with the plastic shell and produce the solidification and crystal, then block the print head. If you met this problem, you can use the special washer fluid, or take the nozzles out and put them into the alcohol or hot water.

printer with DX5 print head

   Next time when your Epson DX5 print head gets blocked, try to check the reasons first, and then you can follow the tips i told you.



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