What Fabrics Can Dye Sublimation Ink Print On?

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What Fabrics Can Dye Sublimation Ink Print On?

Dye sublimation printing can print images on a variety of man-made textiles. Those materials include synthetic textiles such as polyester, spandex, lycra or blended textiles. Through the unique dye sublimation printing method, which sees dyes heated and applied to the target surface as a vapour. These vapours then settle into the material and turn into a liquid – resulting in an extremely high quality print.

dye sublimation ink

Sublimation ink printing opens up a variety of material types to carry beautiful soft printed images. The process excels at printing for garments, table cloths, backdrops, banners, curtains and other usual textile materials.

It’s not hard to think of how useful these synthetic surfaces can be as canvases for printed images. They make great promotional items such as t-shirts and dresses. Polyester media can be turned into a variety of stunning displays, such as:

1. A wall-mounted or upright pop-up banner, or banners meant to be used as sails, car covers and even tents

2.Flags adorned with a company logo, country’s colors or even a design of your own

3. Household items such as window blinds, curtains, table cloths, chair covers, even light shades and napkins

4.Special purpose clothing such as sports jerseys and event promotional t-shirts

5. Coverings for tables, and table skirts

6. Tension and pop-up fabric displays for promotional use at conference or special meetings

sublimation ink

7. Hanging fabric structures for big events such as trade shows where you want to stand out in a crowd

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