What Influence the Sublimation Printing Quality?

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What Influence the Sublimation Printing Quality?

   What will influence the quality of the sublimation printing?Here are some common reasons.sublimation ink

   1. Temperature and time
   The sublimation transfer process requires the temperature to be controlled in the 180℃~230℃, the time is about 10~30s, at the same time pay attention to the reasonable allocation of temperature and time.

   2. The sublimation ink
   Dye sublimation ink should have good transfer rate and permeability. and reach a certain fastness index, the molecular weight is 230~380.

sublimation printing

   3. The pressure when heat pressing
   When the pressure is not enough, there will be a big gap between transfer paper and fabric, this will lead to poor result. If the pressure is far to enough, it is easy to produce deformation, which will lead to failure printing.

   4. Other factorssublimation printing

   The sublimation paper quality should be taken into consideration, the sample test is essential before bulk production, and make sure the sublimation paper and fabric are close enough when heat pressing.

   There may many other reasons. But as long as you pay attention to the whole process, you will learn a lot of sublimation printing.

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