InkTec SubliNova Smart Sublimation Ink in The Daily Application

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InkTec SubliNova Smart Sublimation Ink in The Daily Application

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Sublimation Dye Ink Portfolio         

InkTec SubliNova Smart


These inks have the ability to be used not only for direct printing onto fabrics

without using heat transfer paper, but also traditional heat transfer printing

on transfer paper. Particle size of dispersive dyes smaller under 100nm

(0.1um) ,The SubliNova Smart inks have superior printing quality under

various printing environments.

  1. Low maintenance, long-lasting head performance
  2. Stability of high speed printing
  3. Fast drying time on transfer paper
  4. Suitable for the plotters equipped with epson DX4,DX5 and DX7 printhead
  5. Universal for both direct and transfer printing
  6. Intense and vibrant colors
  7. Strong light fastness
  8. Enhanced productivity
  9. Environmentally friendly : Free from formaldehyde, VOC’s and

compliance with RoHS

InkTec SubliNova Smart Sublimation Ink in The Daily Application

Transfer Condition: 

SubliNova transfer time can vary from 30 ~ 60 sec.

at 180C ~ 210C depending on the type of substrate.

  1. Polyester and polyamide fabrics, spandex, lycra, nylon used in sports apparel and outdoor clothing
  1. Plastic substrates like skis, snowboards, skateboards and surfboards
  2. Mixed synthetic fabrics(used in sports apparel and outdoor clothing with a minimum polyester content of 60%

sublinova ink

Color:Black, Cyan, Magenta, yellow

InkTec SubliNova Smart Dye Sublimation Ink can be used both for direct printing on textile media and paper transfer printing onto the various types of substrates by using heat press.

Our dye sublimation ink is designed for wide format printers(Epson DX4, DX5 DX7 head, Panasonic head) T-Shirts, Sports wear, Woman fashion cloth, Flag & Banner, Home fashion(Roll blinder, Sofa cover, Curtains), Fancy(Ceramics, Metal plates, Ski boards, Snow boards)

InkTec SubliNova Smart:
  • With good pH value and surface tension, head clogging free.
  • High concentration and deep black ink.
  • Vivid color performance and quick drying.
  • More savings & best quality guaranteed.
  • Optical ink fluidity and printability through new version of Epson piezo head.
dye sublimation ink:
  • Usable Printer :

DX4 & DX5 head :

Mutoh VJ1204/VJ1304, VJ1604/1614Pro, RJ900/900C/8100/8000 series

Mimaki JV4-130/160/180, JV22, JV33-160A, JV5,

Roland FP740/FJ740, HiFi Jet Pro all model, and almost old model printers.

Epson Stylus Pro 4000/7000/7400/7600/7800/7880/9000/


DX5 & DX7 head : Mutoh VJ1604/1624/1618/1638/RJ900,

Mimaki JV5/JV33/JV150/JV300,

Roland XF640/FH740, 6Colors

InkTec SubliNova Smart Sublimation Ink in The Daily Application

InkTec SubliNova Smart:

InkTec SubliNova Smart Sublimation ink is designed to support high-volume user in commercial/industrial environments, Compatible with the industry’s leading printers, sublimation ink is to be chosen for transfer sublimation applications, With faster drying times and expanded gamut, our recommending sublimation ink meets the demands of high speed commercial printing equipment.

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