Are You Interested in the Sublimation Paper with 3 Layers of Coating?

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Are You Interested in the Sublimation Paper with 3 Layers of Coating?

   In sublimation printing, many customers have a high quality for sublimation transfer paper. As a professional manufacturer, we’d like to introduce you our high quality sublimation transfer paper which has 3 layers of coating.

sublimation transfer paper

   Here are the functions of each layers of coating, all of them make our sublimation transfer paper has a great quality.

   1. The first coating: pre-coating
   As we all know, it is hard to guarantee the evenness of the base paper, sometimes you can see some impurities or holes on the paper. Because of that, the surface of the paper will not be smooth, and even hurt the print head when printing. The pre-coating is a process which can help us make the surface of paper become smooth.

   2. The second coating: sublimation coating
   This is the most important step, and also the essential step for making sublimation transfer paper. This layer are used to absorb the sublimation ink when inkjet printing.

applications of sublimation transfer paper

   3. The final coating: back-coating
   Many paper manufactures will choose back-coating, because it can help the paper become more hard, and then become anti-curl. One of the headache problem for sublimation printers is the crimp of paper, this problem will not only affect the quality of printing, but also harmful for the print head. The back-coating can help you solve this problem effectively.

   Are you interested in our sublimation paper? Welcome to contact us, and we can send you free samples to have a test.

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