How to Judge the Transfer Rate of Sublimation Transfer Printing Paper?

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How to Judge the Transfer Rate of Sublimation Transfer Printing Paper?

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Customers when judging transfer rates can be a “parallel experiment”, the method is to take you need to compare several kinds of thermal transfer paper with double-sided tape together side by side, then on the printer to print together lateral 2 cm wide strip CMYK color piece, again after 1 hour together on the same fabric, such as thermal sublimation transfer printing at the same time, high concentrations of cloth color or color less high transfer rate remains on transfer paper.

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The experimental methods we introduced today need to be noted in the use of comparative transfer rates:

1) to select the same type of sublimation inkjet heat transfer paper. Each type high weight sublimation paper – low weight sublimation paper – sticky sublimation paper – industrial heat transfer sublimation paper (jumbo roll, mini jumbo roll, 3.2 meters of the sublimation paper)

2) Do not only focus on the transfer rate, but also take into account the drying speed and smoothness of printing, without smooth printing, the transfer is meaningless.

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