What is 2m – 3.2m Large Width Jumbo Roll Sublimation Transfer Paper?

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What is 2m – 3.2m Large Width Jumbo Roll Sublimation Transfer Paper?

Today, I’d like to introduce a broad transfer paper – 2 ~3.2 m jumbo roll sublimation transfer paper, that is, the heat transfer paper from 2 meters to 3.2 meters wide. We can provide this wide range of transfer papers with any size.

Why do I want to introduce this kind of transfer paper to you? It’s because this paper is in line with many people’s needs. Since we launched this kind of paper, many customer inquiries are very popular, and buy this wide paper. Of course, our other kinds of paper are also popular, such as EPSON F transfer paper series, EVO sublimation paper series, high sticky sublimation paper, and so on. What we are mainly introducing is a wide sheet of 2 meters -3.2 meters.

jumbo roll sublimation transfer paper

What Are the Advantages of Jumbo Roll Sublimation Transfer Paper?

1.Double coating

2.High transfer rate

3.It has a fast drying speed, saving the waiting time

4.High transmission rate

5.Bright colors printed on fabrics will not be vague.

6.Smooth surface, no bulge, and little dots keep printing stable.

sublimation printing

What is the Application of Jumbo Roll Sublimation Transfer Paper?

Whether it is the event pattern or the trade exhibition pattern, the large banners, the digital booth, the traditional scenery, the staircase pattern, the banner, the QR code, and the SMS text activities, the clothing ornaments, the curtain cloth, the sand release, the umbrella cloth, the handbag, the carpet cloth, the toy cloth and so on, can be used as the transfer bearing.

Suppose you need to transfer printers, such as EPSON, MIMAKI, MUTON, ROLAND, and other thermal sublimation transfer machines, and some heat press machines. There are recently popular double head laser cutting machines and ribbon sublimation printing. We are a one-stop factory that provides a full range of products and services.

If you have any questions, welcome to contact us. Thank you for reading!

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