How to Keep the Ourdoor Advertising Printing Color More Durable

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How to Keep the Ourdoor Advertising Printing Color More Durable

Whether at home or outside, advertising has been perfectly integrated into our daily lives. Especially outdoor advertising has become a beautiful landscape in the city, showing the charm of the city.

outdoor advertisingAn advertisement with a perfect combination of colorful images, and the unique and wonderful idea of the designer, express the theme of the outdoor advertising is a beautiful landscape in life. For the display of outdoor advertising screens in outdoor environments, different outdoor display forms, different climates and other factors, how can we maintain the color of outdoor advertising screens without discoloration, fading and durability of advertising images? The following three tips are very worthy of the attention of advertisers!

1. Using high-performance inkjet printing equipment and outdoor compatible ink

The production of advertising screens, inkjet printers are the preferred printing equipment. Nowadays, the large format printing equipment is developing very fast, technology is changing with each passing day, and various high-performance printers with multiple functions and multiple applications are also being introduced to the market. Using high-performance outdoor inkjet printer for inkjet printing, you outdoor advertisingcan quickly and easily complete large-format advertising. At the same time, it can guarantee better picture color printing and high color reproduction.

2. Choose high-quality print media materials for outdoor inkjet printer

For example, in the use of outdoor materials, select materials that match with ink and have good tensile properties. If the structure of the material is not good, the outer surface of the material may be damaged, torn or deformed by the combination of sand or other external factors. The inkjet color on the material may also be easily peeled off, and the color of the outdoor advertising screen cannot be maintained.

3. Pay attention to the influence of different outdoor environments and natural factors on the color of advertising screen

How to make the beautiful advertising screen not easily damaged by the sun and rain? We need to pay attention to prevent temperature difference, UV protection, rain and sand, dust and environmental pollution, and prevent people from graffiti and outdoor advertisingdamage. We should pay attention to these factors to protect outdoor advertisements. For example, in the preventing temperature difference operation, if the temperature is too low, the image will be cracked. Too hot will make the film or fall off or soften the image, so that the image will not be clear.  For UV and rain protection, it can be coated or glued. The chemical agent or ultraviolet absorbent on the film can prolong the life of the image by several times. The color of the image can be more durable and not easy to fade.

If you want the printing color to be durable, it should be based on protection. Using high performance inkjet printing equipment and high quality outdoor ink, which can provide the precondition for the use of outdoor advertising image color.

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