Do You Know About Kiian Sublimation Ink?

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Do You Know About Kiian Sublimation Ink?

High-quality sublimation digital printing ink

Kiian sublimation ink is very known for its highest quality in the global market. In the meantime, the company has been in the field of printing for about 70 years. Once upon a time,  all customers who use digital printing and specialized in custom sportswear very proud to use Kiian sublimation ink, hoping to deliver high-quality sound to their customers.

Kiian sublimation ink

The perfect combination with a mature and stable Kyocera nozzle

Begin with Epson Dx4 print head with Kiian ink print custom sportswear, in domestic, digital print sublimation sportswear program has improved for more than 10 years.

In recent years, more and more diverse fabrics custom clothing, resulting in sublimation transfer process seems limited. More importantly, digital printing customized or produced more and more types of textile products,  limited to the field of sportswear. Besides,  it has expanded to the field of women’s fashion, home textiles and decoration.

digital ink

In this case, new Kiian sublimation ink are necessary, namely reactive, acidic ink and direct-jet dispersed inks and coating inks.

Active and acidic digital printing ink respectively applied to direct injection of cotton and nylon-based. However, direct dispersion is mainly polyester.

On the print  head, due to EPSON nozzle supply and price stability of the market there is anxiety, many printer manufacturers, especially in Europe, printer manufacturers began to focus on the development of industrial print head, the most mature and stable now appears to be Kyocera print head .

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