Do You Know How To Protect Your UV Flatbed Printer?

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Do You Know How To Protect Your UV Flatbed Printer?

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With the widely use for UV flatbed printer, many newer will meet some problem during using it, today to tell you how to maintain the UV flatbed printer.


UV flatbed printer should be placed in the normal working environment, should ensure that the operation of the room to maintain ambient humidity above 25 degrees is appropriate to maintain the temperature between 10-35 ℃, the relative humidity of 20- 80%; If the equipment is not used for a long time, the ink should be drained and cleaned with a special cleaning liquid to keep the head open.

Correctly use the three-phase power plug to ensure that the power supply of the device is properly grounded.

UV Flatbed Printer

UV Flatbed Printer

Static electricity will interfere with the normal operation of the device, the Mexican head ink will be unstable, serious time can lead to the motherboard, ink head was burned, so to prevent static electricity interference. Operators in the operation of the UV flatbed printer, should wash both hands, in strict accordance with the instructions in the manual to operate. Once the phenomenon of electrostatic interference occurs, immediately stop the operation, check the current working environment.

UV Flatbed Printer

UV Flatbed Printer

Ink in the case of very low temperature viscosity will increase, affecting the nozzle out of ink, resulting in off ink out of the UV flatbed printer, the air is too dry will cause the nozzle print configuration flying ink, please keep the room temperature is not less than 25 ℃, air humidity is not less than 50 %, To ensure the normal ink storage conditions.




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