Do You Know How to Replace the Ink of Inkjet Printers Correctly?

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Do You Know How to Replace the Ink of Inkjet Printers Correctly?

replace the inkThe inks used in inkjet printers vary in the amount of chemicals contained in the inkjet printers. Therefore, there are some differences in the composition and color of inks. And inkjet printer models that the inks are suitable for spraying are also different. Some inkjet printers in the market have been debugged by manufacturers. The internal structure and drive are suitable for water-based and oil-based inks. But once the ink is determined, it is best to no longer modify it, because the ink tubes and nozzles already have the residual ink. If it is replaced, it will cause different inks to mix together, which will cause the inkjet printer nozzle to fail to break the ink or even damage the machine. So, if inkjet printer users want to change to oily ink after using water-based ink, is it feasible?

In principle, this kind of operation is feasible. First of all, regardless of the model, if there is a phenomenon of wanting to replace the ink, the internal ink must be how to replace the inkcompletely emptied. If there are conditions, it is better to replace the ink cartridge directly. After all, ink in the ink box is more difficult to clear. Moreover, the ink in the ink tube should be completely cleaned. And the ink can be reversely washed first, the ink in the ink tube is completely returned to the ink cartridge. And then the cleaning liquid is driven into the ink tube. The ink is cleaned after repeated cleaning. After completely clean out and then it can be used again.

The inkjet printer nozzle is the most important part of the whole machine. If the ink used is replaced, the nozzle work is even more indispensable. If the inkjet printer user uses a thermal foaming machine type, then it is best to replace the nozzle replace the inkdirectly. After all, the price of the thermal foaming nozzle is relatively low, and the price of an inkjet printer nozzle is only tens of yuan. Direct replacement of the nozzle is the safest operation. However, the user should pay attention to the fact that when the new nozzle is refilled. The air must be exhausted to avoid the nozzle of the inkjet printer nozzle being burnt and causing damage. If you are using a pressure motor type, because the price of the piezoelectric nozzle is high, it is not recommended to replace the nozzle when replacing the ink. However, the nozzle must be removed and manually cleaned to completely remove the ink inside the nozzle. It can avoid mixing the two inks with new inks that can clog the nozzles.

Although some inkjet printers are suitable for two types of sublimation inks, once the user selects the ink, it is best not to replace them again. Replacing the used ink is not only troublesome, but also has many uncertainties. If the machine can not be used, it is really not worth the loss.

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