Do You Know the Types of Digital Printing?

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Do You Know the Types of Digital Printing?

   Digital printing, the printing technology which is very popular in recent years. But you really know digital printing? Do you know how many types it has? Well, here is the printing

   Digital printing can be divided into 5 types, and each of them can be applied to different materials.

   Acid digital printing, suitable for fabrics with protein fiber like wool, silk, and nylon fiber.

   Reactive digital printing, suitable for the fabric like cotton, linen, jubilan and silk.

   Pigment digital printing, suitable for Cotton fabrics, silk fabrics, chemical fibers and blended fabrics, knitted fabrics, sweaters, towels, blankets.

   Dye sublimation printing, suitable for transfer printing of polyester, non-woven fabric, ceramics, etc.sublimation printing

   Direct to textile printing, suitable for polyester fabrics, such as decorative fabrics, banners, flags, etc.

   You can see, the digital printing can print on too many kinds of substrates. And it will be applied to more files in the near future.


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