Let large format printer change you monotonous life

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Let large format printer change you monotonous life

Large format printer can change you life by colorful printing.

Looking for new and unique ways to refresh your living space? There are a variety of ways to renew your home besides swapping out pillows and rearranging furniture. From wall graphics to custom furniture, Sublistar digital wide format printers can help bring your interior visions to life.you can through the following ways:

large format printing


Wallpaper is the most important part of a room. With new PVC wallpaper solvent media available. Sublistar printer can print diverse printing, in addition, it can customize your favorite pattern on the computer. you can choose Sublistar large format printer achieve your desire.

sublimation printing

2.window coverings

If you do not want to change the wallpaper of the room, you can change the style of the room by changing curtains or rugs and small things such as bed sheets.
Sublistar dye sublimation printers and cutters can satisfy your needs. Meanwhile,Showcase personal flair with custom designs and patterns in a range of colors.

printing curtains

3.Decorative items

You can choose Sublistar UV printer perform small home good items. such us vases, lamps,picture frames and more.

Decorative printing


Create all kinds of art and decorate with Sublistar UV flatbed printers that can print directly onto a variety of materials including wood, leather, and acrylic. You can even personalize furniture, such as chairs, headboards, and coffee tables.

Decorating the room can give you a whole new experience.If you want to learn more about our products can be click here.


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