The Main Principle Of Sublimation Transfer Paper In Application

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The Main Principle Of Sublimation Transfer Paper In Application

Using some special methods, directly put a variety of different patterns, and then printed on a piece of paper, so that this pattern can be transferred directly to the user’s product. This process need to use a special thing, that is, sublimation transfer paper. What is the main principle in the process of application? Now let us know more about it.

Transfer printing requires a certain picture, then use the computer to further process these pictures, then use the printer, print the picture using sublimation paper. Finally use a small machine to transfer the picture. Temperature and pressure in the process, and all aspects must be very suitable and then they can play a corresponding role.

In the process of using sublimation transfer paper, it is necessary to transfer the printing of some color inks directly to the paper according to the requirements of different design patterns. Such a method is very good for us. In the process of printing, people need to have a certain basis for the transfer paper and these items, so that it is necessary to control the temperature and pressure to achieve the purpose of coloring.

These are the main principles of sublimation transfer paper in the application process. In the process of normal use, we can correctly recognize these specific aspects before they can play a corresponding role. There are a lot of products on the market. In the process of purchase, people need to make real choices and buy better quality products. Only in the process of use can they achieve good results, ensure that work can be completed more quickly and work efficiency is improved.

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