How to Maintain Large Format Printing Machine in Wet Weather?

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How to Maintain Large Format Printing Machine in Wet Weather?

Recently, Nanjing  is rainy these days. What’s the weather in your city? Wet weather is believed to have a great impact on the majority of users’ large format printing machine. Do you know how to maintain your own money-making tools in an humid environment – Large Format Printing Machine? Wet air affects the performance of machines and consumables. The most obvious performance is the wetness of the drawing, and the adhesion is reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to use and maintain the inkjet printer in wet weather. Note on the use of wet weather inkjet printers:

1.The large format inkjet printer main body shell should be covered to avoid the short circuit of the relevant circuit board and components caused by the moisture in the air;

2.The inkjet printer working environment space should also pay attention to do a good job of moisture, close the doors and windows and other vents when not working, so as to avoid external moisture being sucked into the room;

3.The relevant printing consumables are also stored in the same moisture-proof, printing consumables are easy to absorb moisture and damp, the phenomenon of ink scattering caused by the wet photo material printing process. Therefore, the photo material is sealed back to the original packaging after each use, and does not touch the ground and the wall as much as possible.

4.If it is conditional, it is recommended to use the exhaust fan in the working environment of the inkjet printer, or turn on the air conditioner to dehumidify; if the moisture is too heavy, properly put some moisture absorbent in the room to dehumidify;

5.The image screen printed by the inkjet printer is slow to dry. Due to the wet weather and slow drying of the screen, it is recommended that the user turn on the inkjet printer printing heating function or turn on the inkjet printer related drying equipment, which can speed up the drying of the image screen medium. degree. In particular, when the user laminates the screen, it is necessary to wait for the film to dry completely before passing through the film. Immediately, the film may be blurred due to the lack of drying of the screen medium, and can be quickly dried by local heating such as a hair dryer or a heater.

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