How To Make The Dye Transfer Ink Continuous Supply

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How To Make The Dye Transfer Ink Continuous Supply

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Dye transfer ink can be a continuous supply can save a lot of costs. In fact, most users use inkjet printers have added this system. The characterized of this system is add ink easier and low cost of use.

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How To Make The Dye Transfer Ink Continuous Supply

 1. Choose high quality and compatible ink

At first, if you want make the transfer ink continuous, you can use high quality sublimation ink. In addition, the ink used must compatible with your print head. In the process of printing, if there is print head blockage or color cast, you can check your cartridges.

sublimation ink

 2. Maintain a continuous supply of ink cartridge balance

Do not carry a continuous supply of cartridges high, generally speaking, maintain the balance of cartridges. If you make ink cartridge high, this may cause ink to spill from the print head. Seriously, it can burn the motherboard.

 3. Venting closes before adding ink

Venting closes before adding ink, besides, ventilation can not have too much ink. Ventilation ink level is too high will cause ink pressure changes appear poor inkjet situation.


 4. Remove the continuous supply ink system before adding ink

Print head cartridge all-in-one printer before adding ink, it should remove the continuous supply ink system. The pressure during the use of the system has been balanced. In this condition, suddenly to the cartridges cartridges add ink will cause pressure imbalance for a short time. There will be ink spilled from the nozzle so that the cartridge circuit is shorted.


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