What Materials Can UV Hybrid Printer Print On?

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What Materials Can UV Hybrid Printer Print On?

UV hybrid printer uses a combination of LED UV lamp and oily based UV ink. Theoretically, UV hybrid printer can print on any plane material. But there are some special materials because of smooth surface, it will cause print issue like color too dark, easy to stripping.

1.Metal coating
Metal coating, quick-drying requirements to spray the surface thick points; Another type is slow drying, it apply to aluminum, copper, tinplate, aluminum. While tiles, glass need special treatment. There are both transparent and white, can do light and matte effect.

2.ABS coating
ABS coating is apply for acrylic, plastic, bamboo. Attention the surface shell is burning melt or not, and spray the surface uniform. ABS material has a variety types as wood, PVC, ABS, gypsum board, thicken kraft paper, acrylic, PS, PVC, ordinary plastic. Both transparent and white can do light or matte effect.

3.Leather coating
Applicable for leather, PVC, PU etc. Both transparent and white can do light and matte effect.

4.Silicone coating
Applicable to silicone, rubber material. They have poor surface activity. They need flame treatment. Otherwise, the adhesion is not enough. Attention that the surface can not spray too thick. Otherwise not easy to dry.

5.Glass coating
Apply for plexiglass, tempered glass, ceramics, crystal, need special treatment. Rspectively, both transparent and white can do light and matte effect. Resistant water cooking requires a little higher treatment. Usually chose white oil, white oil is not too strong or it dissolves the pattern. The best is spraying twice.

6.PC coating
PC is a hard material, usually adhesion is not good. Applicable to PS, PP, PVC material.

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