How Much Do You Know About Environment Friendly Sublimation Paper?

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How Much Do You Know About Environment Friendly Sublimation Paper?

Environmental protection is the trend of all walks of life. However, today, global warming, melting of glaciers, disappearance of rainforests, and extinction of species are all closely linked to our future lives. How can you, I, and he remain indifferent? How much do you know about environment friendly sublimation paper?

EVO series fast dry smooth printing sublimation transfer paper brought us a great opportunity. On the one hand, it provided us with the demand for paper. On the other hand, high cost performance was the best choice for many businesses.

EVO series fast dry sublimation paper has the following unparalleled advantages:

1.Lowest price, reduce the overall cost of the business

2.Environmentally-friendly paper, it is our obligatory obligation to protect the earth

3.Hight speed printing allows businesses to make efficient things in the least amount of time

4.Quick dry, time is the merchant’s money

5.Smooth printing, let you feel the texture and softness of high-end paper

6.High transfer release, make your fabric colorful, bright colors

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