How Much Do You Know About UV Led Printer?

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How Much Do You Know About UV Led Printer?

A UV led printer equipped with UV lights which is more efficient than conventional printing machine. UV led inks are dried instantly using UV light. With this new technology it is more helpful to provide fas tturover speed and perfect quality for your company business.

It is exactly ultraviolet lights for UV curing makes UV led printing machine be more unique than other printing machine. The inks, coatings or adhesives used instantly be cured in a very short time. No solvent will be evaporated in UV curing. That is to say, coating thickness, volume of your products won’t be lost and it produce no volatile organic compounds to be released into the atmosphere creating greenhouse gases. It dramatically improves physical properties, improves the gloss finishes of your product, allows better scratch, hardness resistance and improves the quality what you printed.

So what’s the benefits of a UV led printing machine?Because of the unique device, it is more efficient, provides more excellent print out, more environmental-friendly and multi-purpose than others.

UV led printing machine is incredibly more versatile than ordinary printing machine. With the UV curing method, special effects such as simulated embossing, texture help your business utilise its full potential for luxury and high-end items printing to catch more attentions.

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