New Epson DX5 Printhead for Mimaki/Mutoh/Epson Printers

New Epson DX5 Printhead for Mimaki/Mutoh/Epson Printers


The Epson DX5 print head is used by various Chinese solvent printers. It is a new generation print head that allows fast speed, high resolution printing with ecosolvent or mild solvent inks. The Epson DX5 original print head is delivered in a sealed Epson package. This printhead should not be used on Mutoh Valuejet or Mimaki JV33 / JV5 printers as it has different voltages and therefore offers a different image quality.

Model  DX5
Place of Origin  Japan
Type  Solvent-based or water-based
Printing type  Inkjet
Both unlocked and locked version are available
Technology Micro-Piezo
Native resolution 1440 dpi
Min. Droplet Size 1,5 pico litre
Max. Droplet Size 21 pico litre
Tot. Amount of Nozzles 1440 (8 lines x 180 nozzles)
Firing Frequency 8 kHz
Ink Compatibility eco-solvent and mild solvent




1.Edge feather function can blur the pass line and feather the pass edge .

3.High resolution 1440dpi.

4.The DX5 solvent print head is the most popular print head used for ecosolvent and mildsolvent wide format printing applications.

5.Hight competible for different kinds machine.


Printer compatibility:

Epson: Stylus Photo R1900 / Stylus Photo R2880 / Stylus Photo R2000 / Stylus Photo R2100

Mimaki: Jv33 130/160/CJV-130/ Jv5130S/ 160S/ 260S/ 320S

Mutoh: Valuejetjet 1204/1214/1304/1314  Valuejet 1604/ 1614/ 1618/ 2216 Valuejet 1624/1638

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