New Release Hansol Same Formula Smart Sublimation Paper

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New Release Hansol Same Formula Smart Sublimation Paper

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Dear customers:
It is glad to inform you that we have launched the next generation smart sublimation paper, which is use Korea’s Hansol same formula, improved the transfer rate of paper, double side coating Ensures the smoothness of the paper.
Free sample can be sent for your reference if needed.


• Super fast drying time
• Ideal for high speed printing
• Stable Quality & cost effective
• No curling of paper surface in wet condition


Available Size

• 1,118mm(44”) X  100/150/200M
• 1,280mm(50”) X  100/150/200M
• 1,320mm(52”) X  100/150/200M
• 1,370mm(54”) X  100/150/200M
• 1,600mm(63”) X  100/150/200M
• 1,620mm(64”) X  100/150/200M
• 1,800mm(72”) X  100/150/200M
• 3,200mm(126”) X  100/150/200M
• 430mm(17”) X  100/150/200M
• 610mm(24”) X  100/150/200M
• 914mm(36”) X  100/150/200M


Sports ware

soccer, basketball, hockey, badminton, swimming, cycle etc.

Graphic design

banner, tent, umbrella, canopy, booth, flag etc.

Poly coated

mug, snowboard gear, tile etc.

Sublistar will continue to develop and introduce the new technology and product
for digital textile business, sharing the success with our global partners.

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