Print Head Installation And Testing Methods

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Print Head Installation And Testing Methods

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Print head is a part of the printer, firstly, printer installed new print head must to test. These are the test methods:

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1. Check Blocked

Before the print head trial, syringe needle water to check the print head to see if clogging. However, this is a very superfluous and dangerous practice. First of all, once the print head in the water, you do not have to dry it and turn on the power, ranging from burning plate to heavy burning head. Not only washed away the protective liquid in the head, but also because of the pressure of the hand is too large, easy to cause the nozzle air blockage, resulting in no ink.

2. Protect print head

Head of the print head is very fragile, absolutely can not bump, do protect it. Its surface is a piece of aluminum, the inner layer coated with a crystal oscillator and a very small ink tube. In fact, a touch will be concave, deformed, or even broken, so that the nozzle scrapped.

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3. Installation

Be careful when installing print heads. At first, you should be sure to power down and put in place. After loading, gently push the car around, to test whether it is smooth, do not install it on the power. because if the head is not in place, the car easily move the head to the collision fragmentation, and the human hand feel, retractable , strong controllability.

4.Plug the cable

When print head plug the cable, do not bring ink. At the same time, you should to ensure good contact with the socket, do not touch the foot. Otherwise, it will cause the nozzle short circuit burned.

5. Keep steel shaft clean and smooth

The steel shaft should be clean and smooth. Certainly, it can be used to wipe the sticky point grease, do not refuel directly to the shaft. Otherwise, it also cause damage when the excess oil will flow to the print head up.

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6. Check the cartridge

It is necessary to test the waterway after machinery, circuits are correct. First of all, look at the amount of ink within the ink enough. Second, check the small cleaning blade, ink pump is dirty.

7.Exhaust the air inside the print head

On the inside of the print head there will be air after installed , so it will not print properly, only the head of the air completely discharged after the normal altogether lines; specific steps are as follows:
First of all, intermittent cleaning (only 2 times at a time and then 2 times after cleaning for 30 minutes) can be repeatedly washed repeatedly to cause the cleaning pump to accumulate ink, which will not only make the printing mix and ink leak but also waste ink.
Second, you can print more pictures, let the nozzle discharge air in the work.
Last, if the machine has led to the waste ink tube, you can first power off, and then use a syringe to set a rubber tube to waste tube. In addition, until 3-5ML ink is drawn so far, and then start the machine, the normal cleaning with the machine, it is equal to Artificially to the head of the air to hard out, the side effects are likely to cause the pump to heap ink.

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