Be An Interesting Person And Print Your Own Personality Wallpaper

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Be An Interesting Person And Print Your Own Personality Wallpaper

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Nowadays, young people are more and more interested in the decoration of houses, and they are more personalized or more artistic, so print wallpaper is already a trend item. Decoration process for the wall design is even more important.
Wallpaper is in the rapid renovation process derived new products, immediately affixed immediately convenient and multi pattern optional personality, will have more and more market share.
Not just industrial mass production of wallpaper, we can also design our own wallpaper in our own DIY.

When everyone else’s abode seems more of the moment than yours, it’s time for an attitude adjustment — of your walls, not your outlook. Wall art lets you make sweeping style changes without an extensive investment or commitment.

print wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wall art is an inexpensive, easy-to-remove alternative to traditional wallpaper — easy enough on the budget and walls that you can change it out every couple of years as your design tastes evolve. Online providers can create custom wall decals, murals and wallpaper in any style, fabric, color scheme and photo variety imaginable.

  1. Select an image you actually own

All reputable custom wall art sites abide by copyright laws and ask you to confirm that you’re the owner of any images you submit for printing. If you’re not the owner of an image (say, a family friend took the photo), make sure you get their permission in writing to reproduce the work.

  1. Check the resolution

Always consider the resolution of the digital file you want to print. Some custom wall art sites recommend an image resolution of at least 75 dots per inch (dpi). But to play it safe, more is always better. If you’re going with an image that you want to enlarge, we recommend selecting an image that is 150 to 300 dpi, the same standards used at a professional printing house. To check the resolution of an image, right click on it and review its properties in the details tab.

  1. Pick the right colors

Selecting a high-resolution image isn’t the only thing to consider. You should review the colors as well. Custom websites print in either sRGB, RGB or CMYK, which are color models used in printing. Review each site’s production standards and convert your image to the site’s preference to ensure the colors come out correctly. For example, the shadows in your RGB image may look black on your computer screen, but if the image isn’t converted to CMYK, those shadows will look like a murky yellow or brown.

  1. Purchase only a small sample to start

Before you blow your entire budget on a custom design, buy a sample or swatch of the pattern, since the onscreen preview may vary from the actual item.

For the kids’ bedrooms

Create your own decals and murals or incorporate popular characters from your children’s favorite films into the designs. The gang from Universal’s Minions can announce it’s “Jordan’s Room.”

Create a family chore chart with family members’ names, or design a decal from scratch using any combination of colors, shapes, clip art or monogram details.

For the specialty room (family, game or trophy)

Upload any photo to have it cropped into a silhouetted, life-sized wall decal you can peel and stick anywhere.

So go ahead and print that photo of your little leaguer hitting a home run; we’re sure it’ll be your child’s favorite bedroom addition.

For inexpensive posters

If you’ve got a few interesting snapshots on Facebook or Instagram, you can dowload the picture. You can crop, adjust saturation, contrast and brightness or add a filter or text.


Print Wallpaper:

Wallpaper is an important architectural decoration materials. The current use of wallpaper in developed countries close to 50%, while China is only 1% level. With the economic development and people’s housing level, the demand for wallpaper is bound to greatly increase. At present, China’s annual output of wallpaper is 130 million square meters. It is already a production power. But the market’s high-end wallpaper, is still the main import. And the garment industry, domestic wallpaper and imported wallpaper the main difference, one in the material, design.

The traditional wallpaper embossed printing process to gravure-based, plate-making costs, according to the current market price, per square centimeter of the electric carving plate production costs will be 0.2 to 0.3 yuan, the same color 620mm width, 500mm diameter Engraving, plate making costs will be about 3,000 yuan, a set of version will be on the million, so only a large number of printed, it may be low plate production costs, so that it limits the wallpaper color varieties. In addition, the traditional printing method, from the design of flowers to print out, often takes a long cycle, and then to the retail market, it appears “thousands of times, nothing new.”

Wallpaper inkjet printing solution:

Inkjet technology, like integrated circuit technology, is one of the greatest inventions of mankind in the last century, and inkjet printing is one of the most affordable and promising technologies in all printouts. Today, digital inkjet printing, laser printing technology, is gradually replacing the traditional plate-making printing, printing and dyeing technology, a mainstream production methods.

The benefits of inkjet printing wallpaper, in addition to eliminating the cost of plate making, shorten the cycle, more importantly, it can put a specific space, according to a whole to design, in a certain area, print a whole picture, such as one side Wall, a dome, put a or a group of paintings up, businesses can also add their own LOGO to the wallpaper.

Our company is a large format printing output program provider for the architectural decoration industry for the individual needs. We launched a series of personalized building materials production output program, including “personalized wallpaper digital printing program.” In response to this program we have introduced the slightest smell of environmentally friendly weak solvent ink for personalized wallpaper printing program. Print out of the wallpaper products are not only colorful, and light fastness, high scratch resistance, the environmental indicators have passed the relevant testing.

Wallpaper program application range:
  1. wallpaper production enterprises proofing, or small batch trial production, recognition of production.
  2. for high-end decoration, such as gold and silver at the end of the wallpaper after painting for the decoration.
  3. for home improvement personalized decoration, can be directly used to print the existing wallpaper personalized pattern.


Wallpaper program related equipment:

Printers + sublimation transfer ink + sublimation transfer paper + heat press machine.

Photo wallpaper categories:

Break away from the boring old wallpapers and choose something far more unique and exciting, like some photo wallpaper. Search through our photo albums to find a perfect wallpaper mural. We have hundreds of images for you to browse through, from Disney wallpaper, to animal prints and even a sports section. So you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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