Why Does Printed Image of Inkjet Printer Occur Paper Skewed Phenomenon?

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Why Does Printed Image of Inkjet Printer Occur Paper Skewed Phenomenon?

In the process of using the inkjet printer, there will be some small faults. Today, I would like to talk about why the paper skew occurs when the inkjet printer prints the image. The reasons for this are briefly as follows:

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1.We must first determine whether the paper media is placed correctly, and whether the relevant paper-feeding platform is flat and does not appear skewed. If the paper medium is placed without any problem, it should be the uneven force of the relevant platen on the inkjet printer platform. You can adjust the tension of the platen, or check if there is a platen that does not rotate. If the force is too large or too tight, there will be uneven force during paper feeding and the skew will occur when feeding. At this time, we can adjust the platen roller or replace the platen roller directly.

2.Check whether there are relevant scraps of paper or other debris on the inkjet printer platform. So that the paper medium is uneven and produces a skewing fault, which can clean the lower platform.

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3.The inkjet printer output platform is not adjusted on both sides of the paper. You can adjust the relevant width of the pressed paper, keep the flat output of the paper medium. It can avoid the paper sheet blocking the paper output and lead to skew.

4.The last thing to note is that if the inkjet printer output screen is long. If your inkjet printer is not equipped with the relevant delivery, the continuous printout will be placed on the ground due to the paper being too long. And blocking the paper media from being output forward. There may also be a skewing fault. Therefore, in order to make the printout more convenient and easy, we recommend that the user configure the delivery of the inkjet printer. It can realize unattended long-term continuous printout. And also more effectively maintain the related problems such as the paper does not go oblique when the drawing is taken.

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