For Printed Sublimation Paper, How to Store?

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For Printed Sublimation Paper, How to Store?

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   Many people think as long as they store the sublimation paper well before printing, then every thing will be OK. Is it true? Actually speaking, the whole process of sublimation paper storage not only refer to the unused sublimation paper storage, but also include the storage of printed transfer paper.printed transfer paper

   As we all know, the printed sublimation paper can’t be used for transfer printing at once, you need to wait at least 1 hour (the ideal waiting time is 5 hours). Then how to store the printed sublimation paper?

   1. You’d better store the printed paper in roll size

sublimation printing

   2. Put the roll printed paper into a loose bag, and keep it upright. Remember, keep the mouth of bag opening, then the moisture will be more easy to be evaporated.

   3. The printed sublimation paper should be stored in the place where with low humidity(≤55%RH), and the temperature is 15-30℃.

   If you want to make sure your sublimation printing process will be successful, store the sublimation paper well is very important. By the way, sublimation ink storage is important too.

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