Printing Technical Here: An Introduction of Direct Injection Machine

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Printing Technical Here: An Introduction of Direct Injection Machine

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Flat-panel direct injection machine to achieve computer data output to the printer – directly on the object printing!

You can print pictures on any material. Such as: gold and silver copper and iron aluminum, crystal material, wood, glass, leather, cloth, stone and so on.

You can print a picture on an irregular surface. Such as: mobile phones, telephones, U disk, glass, vases, pens and so on.

Can spray cylinder objects. Such as: glass, vases, pens and so on

The height of the object is: 0 ~ 20CM

Free intermediate supplies. Such as: transfer paper, crystal glue, crystal film, high temperature tape, thermal transfer equipment.

An Introduction of Flat Head Direct Injection Machine | Sublistar

The scope of products:

The stores, museums, wedding photo studio, attractions, hospitals, schools and so on.

Industrial applications: plastic, electronics, hardware, plexiglass and other industries sample proofing.

The characteristics of flat-panel direct injection machine

Easy to operate: no plate and repeat the chromatography process, easy to operate easy to maintain.

Printing speed: low input costs, high-speed printing is fully applicable to industrial mass production.

Meanwhile, overcome the boundaries of the material. Any medium within the specified thickness can be printed. It completely overcomes only the use of special paper and special specifications of the traditional printing. You can use very thin or very thick objects.

The thickness can be: 0.01mm – 200mm

To meet a variety of shapes: flat, curved and round, no restrictions.

Height adjustment and batch setting: according to the height of the printed object adjustment, the use of horizontal mobile vertical jet structure, can be free to use a variety of raw materials. Easy to move up and down to the appropriate print height. And can arbitrarily set the batch production automatic feeding time, eliminating the need to repeat the operation of the computer steps.

(Metal, plastic, stone, leather, wood, metal, glass, crystal, acrylic, coated paper) finished and semi-finished products (small parts finishing box, purse, purse, trademark) , Plaque, etc.) and other soft, hard objects on the surface of the image of the true color graphic printing.

As the nozzle and the media surface is non-contact, not because of heat and pressure deformation and other phenomena. It can also be easily deformed soft raw materials (such as leather and textiles) on the printing.

High-precision perfect print: the use of the company’s special ink, the output of the image effect realistic, to photo quality. Image waterproof, sunscreen, wear resistant, never fade.

Print format: to meet the various formats of personalized print.

Rough surface and beveled printing: can overcome the maximum thickness of 5mm raw material deviation. According to the characteristics of the surface of the object being printed, concave and convex maximum expansion can be expanded to 5mm. And it can show the perfect printing effect.

An Introduction of Flat Head Direct Injection Machine | Sublistar

The use of continuous ink supply system: easy to add ink, while minimizing the cost of printing.

The use of special waterproof ink: clear and perfect printing quality, structured, all the visible color, no color cast, color mixing phenomenon, waterproof, wear, quality non-thermal transfer, silk screen and other traditional technology comparable.

Ultra-low printing costs: Save more than 80% of the cost compared to existing thermal transfer processes.

Personalized printing: at the same time very suitable for T-shirts, pillows (sets), shopping bags, aprons, gloves, cotton socks, handkerchiefs and other personalized color printing services.


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