Heat transfer printing is an indirect printing technology that uses paper as an intermediary to transfer patterns from paper to other materials.

Heat transfer technology is now maturing, because of its convenient operation process, printing speed, economic benefits and other advantages, has occupied a large market.

From printing with an inkjet printer to heat transfer to other items, the entire process of machines and materials is provided by our company.

Including: large format inkjet printer, heat transfer paper, disperse dye ink, heat transfer machine.

1.Large format printer:

We have our own domestic brand: ORIC, which has its own characteristics.

Because the body weight, so in printing larger width of the picture is very stable; its most width can reach 3.2 meters; the number of printing heads is four, more than two ordinary machine, so the print color is better.

At the same time, we also agent other famous brands abroad. Such as EPSON, MIMAKI, ROLAND, and MUTOH.


2.Sublimation paper:

Our company is based on paper making, and has our own paper making factory. Our company can supply for all kinds of paper.

Heat transfer paper can be divided into quick dry sublimation paper and sticky sublimation paper according to its characteristics.

Dimensions can be divided into sheet size sublimation paper, roll size sublimation paper, and jumbo reel size sublimation paper.

According to the weight can be divided into light coating sublimation paper and high GSM sublimation paper. 80GSM as the boundary point, high GMS sublimation paper is also known as the classic sublimation paper and its use is more common. Light coating sublimation paper is cheap and affordable, also known as economical suitability paper.

We provide the following paper:

sublimation printing


3.Digital inks:

Sublimation Ink is designed to support high-volume user in commercial/industrial environments, Compatible with the industry’s leading printers.
Sublimation ink is to be chosen for transfer sublimation applications, with faster drying times and expanded gamut.
Our recommending sublimation ink meets the demands of high speed commercial printing equipment.
a. Ideal for pretreated sublimation fabrics.

  1. Formulated for faster drying times.
  2. Variety of print solutions.
  3. Cost per print is significantly reduced
  4. Superior ink quality and performance.

In general, the quality of the ink determines the quality of the printed picture, so the ink is important in the process of printing.

Our company also has its own brand of ink, Sublistar ink. It has standard model colors, cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Of course, in order to meet the different needs of customers, our company also acts as a representative of other well-known foreign brands.

Such as: EPSON, MIMAKI, INKTEC, KIIAN, J-TECK, and SENSIENT. Different brands of ink have different characteristics, and there are also slight differences in color.

EPSON and MIMAKI inks are packed bags, and INKTEC ink has six colors, light cyan and light magenta. The more colors you have, the more colors you can combine.


4.Heat Press:

The final step of the heat transfer is to transfer the pattern to the material by using a hot press. The most important machine used is the hot press.

There are different kinds of hot press, our company offers the following:


  1. Roller surface with Teflon coat, high  hardness, wear resistant, anti-sticking
  2. Digital temperature and speed hardness, wear resistant, anti-sticking
  3. Oil heating, temperature uniformity (±1-2°C) no deviations of color.
  4. Using imported heating presses, heat evenly, durable; imported blankets which is not easy to deviate.
  5. The blanket is detachable, and not easy to burn; with belts putting device for installing and fixing the belts.
  6. Without smoke and abnormal odour during working.


This machine can be used for both roll material and sheet material heat transferring. It is suitable for sublimation transfer large banners, flags, T-shirt, nonwoven fabrics, apparel fabrics, towels, blankets, mouse pads and other products in the piece, especially the continuous transfer of the cloth. Capable of continuous printing speed, to meet the needs of large volume printing the customer.


5.Laser Cutter:

Laser cutter is to replace the traditional mechanical knife with invisible light beam. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting and not limited to the cutting pattern limit. Automatic typesetting, material saving, smooth cutting, low processing cost and so on, will gradually improve or replace the traditional metal cutting process equipment.

The mechanical part of the laser cutter head has no contact with the workpiece, and the workpiece surface can not be scratched during the work. Laser cutter speed, incision smooth and smooth, generally no follow-up processing. The cutting heat affected zone is small, the plate deformation is small, and the kerf is narrow. The incision has no mechanical stress and no shear burr. High machining accuracy, good repeatability, no damage to the surface of the material. NC programming, can be processed any arbitrary plan, you can have a large width of the entire plate cutting, without opening the mold, economical and time-saving.

Our company offers the following types of laser cutter machines:

Laser cutter Machinie 1815
Laser cutter Machinie 1815
Laser cutter Machinie 1812
Laser cutter Machinie 1612
Laser cutter Machinie 1060
 Laser cutter Machinie 1310
 Laser cutter Machinie 1325
 Laser cutter Machinie 1610
Laser cutter Machinie 3030
Laser cutter Machinie 3016