Industrial Wide Format Flatbed Heat Press

Industrial wide format heat press can produce large surface shaving board, which provides wood-based panel material for furniture, stationery and desk products. The large-format presses with a height-adjustable bottom plate, they’re maintenance-free, reliable and safe.

Industrial wide heat transfer format press machine is suitable for volume production printing sportswear, piece of cloth, snowboard, textile printing, metal … Its benefits include comfort and ease of operation while maintaining consistent pressure control.

industrial wide  format heat press

Technical Parameters:

Model PM-6080 PM-80100 PM-100120 PM-120150
Voltage: 380v/220v
Power: 6kw 9kw 15kw 20kw
Temperature Range: 0-399 degree Centigrade
Time Range: 0~999 second
Working Pressure: 8kg/cm²
Printing Area: 60*80cm 80*100cm 100*120cm 120*150cm
Packing Size: 133*73*156cm 164*119*139cm 225*141*135cm 250*150*165cm


The heating plate surface with Teflon paint, dust, without high-temperature cloth.

The surface of the heating surface is coated with high temperature and anti-adhesive layer, which is convenient for cleaning and anti-oxidation.

Intelligent digital display constant temperature controller, temperature control is accurate (+ 10).

Unique front pressure adjustment mode, the pressure adjustment, convenient and flexible.

Digital display of electronic time, the process automatically issued a warning tone.