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FeiYue Digital Technology Inc has been developing Heat Transfer Paper for 13 years. Now we are one of the most innovative companies in this industry and we offer complete solutions for printing on all kinds of different materials.

Digital Inks:


The advantages of digital inks are: the traditional printing plate making process is omitted, shorten the process and reduce the cost; reduce the dye waste to obtain environmental friendly; Digital images are easy to design and innovate. It has incomparable advantages in small quantity and flexible production.

Under the new economic environment, the textile industry will enter a short process, digital production mode. Nowadays, more and more printing and dyeing mills use wide format inkjet printing to produce.

In the process of printing and transferring, the inkjet printer, sublimation transfer paper, dye sublimation ink and heat transfer machine that we use, we all provide.

 “One-stop sublimation printing solution” is our specialty. 

Our company has its own brand of ink: Sublistar Sublimation Transfer Ink

We also agent other foreign well-known brands of ink:


How to judge the quality of Digital Inks?Digital Inks

Does it have environmental protection function? Printing products may come into contact with human skin, or often exported and imported, so whether the ink is environmentally friendly is the guarantee of quality.

Color fastness: usually use high-quality digital printing ink, color fastness is generally 3-4

Fluency: the ink is to be filtered at the nanometer level, and there is a little impurity in the ink to ensure the printing time is prolonged. Fluency is fundamental to the quality of ink, and poor fluency can result in ink breaking during printing.

Color saturation: the color of the generated image is in line with the customer’s needs. It depends on the situation. It is better to choose the ink with higher color saturation.

Storage stability: whether the ink is suitable for prolonged storage and whether physical or chemical changes occur during storage are the embodiment of the quality of the ink.

Batch difference: our company production or agency can ensure that each batch of ink products if some changes will also update the specific products, you can also consult our online staff.

If you want to know more about digital inks, you are welcome to consult us online. We will provide you with the most patient and best service.