Indoor and Outdoor Textile Printing Pigment White Ink


White textile pigment ink has fluent superior performance, strong enclothe force. It can print directly on the dark or black color of non-woven fabrics, knit goods, cotton, t-shirts, etc.
PH: 7~9
Boling point: 100ºC
Viscosity: 1.6~2.5
Lightfastness rating: 5~6”
Surface tension: 24~40
Package: 1000ml/bottle


1. Through third-party standards fine nanoscale filtration, the length of white pigment ink is lower than 0.1 micron
2. Our white pigment ink has no chemical precipitation, containing the effective anti-clogging additive, don’t block the print head or have discontinuous problem
3. Because of the quick drying performance as well as outstanding edge effects, our white pigment ink can maintain bright colors and highly clear effects when applied to various kinds of printing media.
4. It is not toxic or corrosive, thus reducing the environmental pollution caused by chemical materials.
5. Additionally, whitetextile pigment ink also has good compatibility while no odor.
6. The exceptional UV resistance allows your products to keep the original color for a very long time.
7. This kind of ink boasts pure printing color, great ability to reproduce the picture plus vivid image, the superb gradual tonal change brings out natural beauty.
8. Well sealed, textile white pigment ink will be free from dust during storage and transportation
9. Our systematic, comprehensive and good testing method is a good guaranteed for the product quality
10. When used on the water-proof printing media, textile white pigment ink has much stronger water resistance. It has bright color plus wide color gamut, can be used outdoor for one year.


Application instructions: 
1. This water based ink is exclusive to piezoelectric photo printer, the bottle mouth should be kept clean before the product is opened
2. When the piezoelectric pigment ink is employed for the first time, other kinds of product in the ink tube should be thoroughly cleaned away with the cleaning solution in advance.
3. Different models of inks produced by various manufacturers should not be mixed together during use
4. The piezoelectric pigment ink should be added with professional cleaning tools
5. If there are any other problems, you can consult with our relevant technicians











Sublimation ink FAQ: 
1)What is the Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ)?
2)What is the lead time?(How long will it take to prepare my goods?)
1-2days for sample orders, 3-5 days for bulk orders.(The exact time will be based on the requirements)
3)How will you deliver my goods to me?
Normally, we will ship the goods by air, by sea and by express, such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS,TNT basing on the needs of different clients.
4)How long will I need to wait to get my goods?
2-3 days via air express, 2-6 days for by air, 20-35 days for by sea.(The exact time will be based on the requirements)
5)Can you print my own logo on the products?
Yes ,we can make your own design or put your logo on the product ,please send your design or inquiry to our email ( Whatsapp or Skype ),but also the packing design and other OEM services are available.
6)What is your product quality?
Our raw materials are all purchased from qualified suppliers. And we have very strict QC standard to assure our final products meet your requirements. All the product,we 100% testing before ship.
7)Are you Factory or Trading company?
We are ink Factory (Manufacturer)