Sublistar Sublimation&Eco-solvent Inks

Sublistar Sublimation & Eco-solvent Inks:

Sublistar Sublimation&Eco-solvent Inks

Eco-solvent Inks is very well understood, pigment and water out of the C,M,Y,K.

Weak solvent is mainly used in high precision inkjet machine, so it is necessary to use a dedicated nozzle. In the early years, the market used more is Wu Teng, and now the domestic weak solvent machine is also very easy to use.

Inkjet printing ink odor, water-based ink without taste, weak solvent ink is also relatively weak flavor.

The safety of ink jet printing:

Today, the safest ink in inkjet ink is probably water-based ink. Printer manufacturers take into account the safety of the use, print, and final prints when they supply ink, even if the ink contains harmful substances.

Solvent ink is not so gentle as water-based ink and is mainly composed of strong solvent. It contains volatile organic compounds and can be volatilized when printing to paper or film. These solvent based inks are highly flammable, and the operator should also be careful not to inhale the gas emitted by solvent ink.


Sublistar Sublimation & Eco-solvent Inks
Item Sublistar Sublimation & Eco-solvent Inks Description
Characteristics Sublistar Sublimation & Eco-solvent Inks is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, bright colors, wide gamut and has good transfer rate. Suitable for the plotters equipped with EPSON DX4,DX5 and DX7 print head.
Excellent fluency, no clogging no oblique spray, ink particles are evenly distributed and less than 0.3um.
Products are mainly used for EPSON, ROLAND, MIMAKI, MUTOH, Konica Minolta, Seiko, Spectra, HP, Skyjet, Gongzheng, Encad, Canon, Kyocera and Ricoh Gen5 print heads/printers etc.
Advantages 1.Excellent fluency, no clogging no mis-inkjeting, ink particle size are evenly distributed and less than 300nm(<0.3um).
2.Good stability, high dyeing rate, vivid color
3.Directly printing, no hand-feeling, meeting the digital textile printing mass production
4.Washing fastness 4-5 grade, dry rubbing fastness 4-5 grade, wet rubbing fastness 4-5 grade, light fastness 4-5 grade
1. No clogged heads ensured by super filtration
2. Quick drying time for improved production speed
3. Wider color gamut and denser, bright color
4. More environmental friendly and user-friendly
5. High quality with competitive price
6. Long lasting up to 2-3 years for outdoor durability
Transfer Condition Standard temperature 200°C,
Standard time 40 seconds
Standard substrates:
Polyester/Polysatin cloth
Applications For digital textile printing on Polyester, Nylon, Polyurethane, etc. and hot transferring on metal, porcelain, plastic, carpentry, etc. materials with coating. It can be printed on T-shirts, porcelain, clothes, glass and textile, decoration, outdoor advertising, gift field, fabric industry, portrait industry, label and card industry.
Capacity 1000 ml/Bottle
Color C,M,Y,K
Compatible print heads EPSON DX4/DX5/DX6/DX7
SEIKO,KYOCERA, StarFireTM, RICOH, Panasonic, Konica
Ink systems Water based inks
Models Characteristics
SK16 Suitable for TFP nozzle, /DX-5 printing head EPSONORIC
SK17 Suitable for DX-5/DX-7 printing head ROLANDMIMAKIMUTOHORIC
SK19 Suitable for 5113 printing head ORIC

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Sublistar Sublimation&Eco-solvent Inks

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