SUBLISTAR GT-1802 I3200 Dye-Sublimation Textile Printer

dye-sublimation textile printer

SUBLISTAR GT-1802 Dye-Sublimation Textile Printer (With 2 Heads)

GT-1802 is an entry-level dye-sublimation textile printer.

This printer is ideal for Garments, Apparel, Soft Signage, Mousepads, Carpet, Flag, Tent, Blanket, Curtain, Polyester fabrics.

Printer Model: GT-1802

Print Heads: Double Epson i3200

All About GT-1802 TX 1.8m Sublimation Printer (With 2 Heads)

sublimation printer

Enjoy these amazing benefits

Three Heating System

Three-stage heating system including pre-heater, print heater, and rear heater and platform vacuum system with adjustable power.

Automatic Clean System

Automatic moisturizing cleaning assembly ensures the stability of head cleaning and improves working stability.

New Warning Device

When the machine is operating, you need to adjust the fabric and sublimation paper, which can help you prevent your fingers from being pressed.


The automatic cleaning assembly adds a single-way valve to increase the stability of the ink supply.



Print Head

Printing Technology


Dual DX5 Print Heads

Piezoelectric Inkjet


Dual 13200 Print Heads

Width 71.6 in. (1820 mm)
Acceptable Media Thickness Maximum 39 mils (1 mm)
Weight 132.2 lb.(60kg)
Printing Width 70.8 in.(1800 mm)
Type Dye Sublimation Ink
Ink Cartridges Capacity 4*4 CISS (220ml ink cartridge with 1.5L ink tank) 6*6 CISS (6 colors), 8*8 CISS (8 color) optional
Color 4 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) 6 colors, 8 colors optional
Printing Resolution Maximum 1440 dpi Maximum 3600 dpi
Printing Speed 4pass(720x720dpi): 333 sqft (31 sqm/h)

6pass(720x1080dpi): 225 sqft (21 sqm/h)

8pass(720x1440dpi): 182 sqft (17 sqm/h)

3pass(360x1SOOdpi): 590 sqft (55 sqm/h) 4pass(720x1200dpi): 429 sqft (40 sqm/h) 6pass(720x1800dpi): 290 sqft (27 sqm/h)
Media Heating System Integrated post heater & Infrared Dryer & Fan system
Interface USB 2.0 LAN
Power Supply AC220V±10%,50/60 HZ
Dimensions(with stand) 125(W)x38(D)x55(H) in.

(3213(W)x970(D)x1388(H) mm )

Weight(with stand) 882 lb. (400 kg)


Why you choose us?

Both the sublimation and direct-to-textile printers are examples of our expertise and engineering: top performant, reliable, and precise. With the GT series printer, you can maximize productivity while controlling quality and minimizing costs for beautiful soft signage, apparel, and interior decor items that will set your business apart from the competition. Wide applications in clothing, home decoration fabrics, sampling, shirts, canvas bags, bolster, scooters, flags, textile gadgets, etc.

sublimation printer


GT-18O2 TX 1.8m Sublimation Printer is ideal for Garments, Apparel, Soft Signage, Mouse Pad, Carpet, Flag, Tent, Blanket, Curtain, Polyester Fabric in Rolls or Piece.

Fashion Apparel

In daily life, the print patterns of T-shirts, socks, hats, and other fashions are complicated and simple. These products are needed every year in life, and the general demand is very large. Here is an example of a hoodie. Also, DIY clothes are popular both in China and other places in the world, which has become a new way for people to show their life attitude.

In-Store Displays

The indoor decoration is another example of sublimation printing. With the rise of individualism, people prefer to designing the house on their own to making the same decorations with others. It's convenient for the holder to design the pattern on the computer and then print it onto the texture.


Flags and banners are widely used in sublimation printing because its cheap price and easy to renew. By the way, it also can be used as a good way to advertise, and many big shopping malls and golf fields prefer to use sublimation printing banners to publicize products.