SUBLISTAR GT-18O8 High-End Sublimation Printer

sublimation printer

SUBLISTAR GT-1808/2208 High-End Sublimation Printer

With the top configuration, GT-1808TX-2208TX Industrial Dye Sublimation's semiconductor heating element can adjust 256 kinds of temperature, so it can adjust the proportion and shade of color to achieve the effect of continuous colorful photos...

This sublimation printer machine is ideal for Garments, Apparel, Soft Signage, Mouse pads, Carpet, Flag, Tent, Blanket, Curtain, Polyester Fabric rolls or piece.

All About Industrial Dye Sublimation Printer (With 8 Heads)

subliamtion printer

Enjoy these amazing benefits

Double high-precision mute rail

mute rail

A stable 5L bulk system ensures amazing printing speed


Media retraction tension bar


Rear Media Balance Bar

balance bar


Model GT18-TX8 GT22-TX8
Print Head Eight 13200 Print Heads
Printing Technology Piezoelectric Inkjet
Width 72in. (1830mm) 87.8 in(223D mm)
Acceptable Media Thickness Maximum 39 mils (1 mm)
Maximum Media Load 3000m
Printing Width 70.8 in. (1800 mm) 86.6 in.(2200 mm)
Type Dye Sublimation Ink
Ink Cartridges Capacity 4*4 CISS (220ml ink cartridge with 5L ink tank)
Color 4 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
Printing Resolution Maximum 3600 dpi
Printing Speed 1 pass(360x1200dpi): 320 sqm/h 2pass(360x2400dpi): 180 sqm/h 3pass(360x3600dpi): 100 sqm/h 1pass(360x1200dpi): 346 sqm/h 2pass(360x2400dpi): 196 sqm/h 3pass(360x3600dpi): 120 sqm/h
Media Heating System Integrated post heater & Infrared Dryer & Fan system
Interface USB 3.0
Power Supply AC 220V ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions(with stand) 133.86(W)x51.18(D)x78.74(H) in.

(3400(W)x1300(D)x2000(H) mm )

149.60(W)x51.18(D)x78.74(H) in.

(3800(W)x1300(D)x2000(H) mm )

Weight(with stand) 1433 lb. (650 kg) 1653 lb. (750 kg)
Package Dimensions 133.86(W)x55.12(D)x82.68(H) in.

(3600(W)x1400(D)x2100(H) mm )

157.48(W)x55.12(D)x82.68(H) in.

(4000(W)x1400(D)x2100(H) mm )

Package Weight 1653 lb. (750 kg) 18741b. (850 kg)
Environment Power on Temperature: 59 T to 90 7 [15'C to 32-C] / Humidity: 35 to 80% (no condensation)
Power off Temperature: 41 T to 104 F [5 C to 40 C] / Humidity: 20 to 80% (no condensation)
Accessories USB cable, media clamp, manual, drain bottle, ink cartridges, RIP software, etc.
sublimation printer

Reasons to Choose us


Both the sublimation and direct-to-textile printers are examples of our expertise and engineering: top performant, reliable, and precise. With the GT series printer, you can maximize productivity while controlling quality and minimizing costs for beautiful soft signage, apparel, and interior decor items that will set your business apart from the competition. Wide applications in clothing, home decoration fabrics, sampling, shirts, canvas bags, bolster, scooters, flags, textile gadgets, etc.

high-end sublimation printer


The Sublimation Printer is ideal for Garments, Apparel, Soft Signage, Mousepads, Carpet, Flag, Tent, Blanket, Curtain, Polyester fabrics in Rolls or pieces.

Fashion Apparel

With the rise of individualism in recent years, more and more young people pay attention to clothes with special designs that can show their unique lifestyle, and DIY clothes cater to their needs.  In daily life, the print patterns of T-shirts, socks, hats, and other fashions are complicated and simple. These products are needed every year in life, and the general demand is very large.

Interior Decorations

The in-store display is another way to show young people's lifestyles. For one thing, with a sublimation printer, they can print the images which they prefer on the curtains.

For another, if one wants to clean those curtains, he can directly put them into the washing machine without fear of damaging the image printed on the display.

Flag & Banner

Advertising and public service advertising are generally seen everywhere in large hotels and shopping malls, and sublimation banners are a good way to take them on because they can be quickly replaced. Once there are event discounts or holidays, these advertising banners will be placed everywhere, such as subway stations, bus stations, and even the gates of the community.